Product / Service #1

With a responsibility to operate with integrity, WORLDWIDE INDIGENOUS NATIONS GROUP has investments in oil and gas, natural gas in Latin America and looking for collaborations in North America.

Product / Service #2

Through our partnerships in South America, WORLDWIDE INDIGENOUS NATIONS GROUP is involved in precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, phosphate and we have access to over 2 million metric tons of coltan.

Product / Service #3

Our sister companies offer our American company collaborations in Peru with tourism at Machu Picchu and the newly discovered lost city of the Incas. We also have over 160,000 hectares of land for agriculture such cacao, cane sugar and various fruits and vegetables.

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With access to many oil blocks, our company is looking to become a major player in the oil industry along with natural gas and gasoline for North America and South America.

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With more than 160,000 of land in Peru, we have access to mining opportunities for various precious metals such as gold, phosphate and coltan.

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