With opportunities for oil and gas, natural gas, mining, agricuture and tourism in Peru. There is HACIENDA LOCUTO.

1.- LOCATION.- The rural property called “Hacienda Locuto” is located in the north of the country, in the sector called “El Morante”, left bank of the Rio Piura, District of Tambogrande, as well as the Districts of Castilla and Sechura, in the province and department of Piura, also covering the districts of Olmos and Morrope that belong to the province and Department of Lambayeque as seen in the Satellite Plan in sight. It also has a good beach extension.

2.- AREA LOCATION.- Hacienda Locuto, according to Registry Certificate (originally) No. 04024992, had an extension of 101,874.20 hectares, but Agrarian Reform in 1969 and subsequent invasions substantially reduced its schedule. Both the expropriation carried out by the Agrarian Reform and the aforementioned invasions were carried out in the northern zone (Tambogrande and surrounding areas), leaving the southern zone intact.

The vast territory, is distributed under the following jurisdiction: Department of Piura:District of Castilla, province of Piura, with District of Catacaos, province of Piura, withDistrict of Chulucana, province of Morrop6n, with District of Sechura, province of Sechura, with 9,719.20 hectares, 24,556.00 hectares1,780.00 hectares. 30,143.00 hectares

Lambayegue Department:

District of Morrope province of Lambayeque  with 35,676.00 hectares.


Project Name

With over 100,000 hectares available in Tumbes on the Northern part of Peru. There are opportunities for a fishing and refinery port, 5 star hotel, building of a small city, oil and gas, natural gas, mining and agriculture along with tourism.


It is a program of the Ministry of Housing Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) aimed at facilitating housing financing for Peruvian families with lower resources.
Its objective is to allow access to a Social Interest Housing (VIS) that has electricity, drinking water and sewage services, as well as adequate living conditions.
It is a program aimed at families with monthly family income that does not exceed the value of S / 3,626 to buy,